A Bit of Fry and Laurie s01e05

— The question is this, either you believe in market forces or you don't.
— Ah, well, I can help you there, because I don't.
— You don't?
— No, no, I don't believe in market forces. I used to, of course, when I was a child, but like everybody else, when I grew older, I discovered it was all made up.
— Made up?
— Yes. I can still remember the exact day I found out, actually, it was a Christmas Eve. And I couldn't sleep and I crept downstairs and I heard my, you know, parents, they were talking and arguing and laughing about market forces, and saying how they were going to have to break it to me one day. Came as a bit of a blow, as you can imagine. Two years later, I discovered that Father Christmas didn't exist either.

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